Stern Partners

Stern Partners is a lead investor in a diverse range of operating companies. The companies in which we currently participate are engaged in business activities in a variety of industries, including apparel manufacturing and retailing, commercial printing, equipment distribution and servicing, home furnishings retailing, horticultural products manufacturing and distribution, newspaper publishing, packaging, paper manufacturing, real estate and technology. Our companies are operated and managed independently, generating annual revenues ranging from approximately $15 million to over $200 million, and collectively employ approximately 3,000 people.

By deploying our own capital to each investment, we can align our objectives with all stakeholders and have flexibility with investment structures and approaches. Investments are individually structured, and can accommodate external partners or co-investors as warranted.

Founded over 20 years ago by Ronald N. Stern, Stern Partners is based in Vancouver, Canada, with the head offices of our operating businesses and investments located primarily throughout North America.

Our Focus on Growth and Value

We have built a reputation as a committed long-term investor dedicated to growth and value creation. We do not generally make investments for a predetermined term or based on a fixed liquidity target. Rather, our focus is on the quality of the business and its management — not the exit strategy. We seek to monetize our investments only when business conditions warrant, and we continue to be actively involved with some investments made over 20 years ago.